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Loctite 3D Cleaner C

by Loctite

Weight: 39.68 lb

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Looking for a greener-non-IPA solution for cleaning 3D printed parts?

LOCTITE 3D Printing Cleaner C is a non-flammable cleaner at ambient temperature (Category 4 flammable) intended for post-process cleaning of SLA/DLP printed parts.

Additional benefits:

  • Cleans “impossible” parts.
  • Effectively solubilizes 3D printing resins
  • Water rinseable
  • Does not damage ‘green’ or cured resins when used as recommended


LOCTITE® 3D Cleaner C is used for cleaning of SLA/DLP printed parts prior to post curing. This cleaner which is nonflammable at room temperature removes residual uncured resin and other surface contaminations. LOCTITE® 3D Cleaner C is non-harmful and can be heated up to 50 °C (122 °F) to increase cleaning efficiency. This cleaner is suitable for industrial part washing and cleaning equipment, no ATEX or NEC certification required. LOCTITE® 3D Cleaner C suitable to use with LOCTITE ® 3D Printing EQ DW11 Dual Wash station.